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This Is It Dental Clinic prioritizes patient care, offering a comfortable environment where concerns are heard. Led by Dr. Rena Uberoi, the experienced team provides personalized treatment plans. The clinic emphasizes cleanliness, safety, and a warm atmosphere for all guests. From simple extractions to complex procedures, individual concerns are addressed with care. New patients are always welcomed, whether for emergencies or routine care. This Is It ensures support from booking to procedure completion, fostering peace of mind. Visit the trusted clinic on Harley Street for positive dental experiences and confident smiles

Patients with Dental Anxiety

Many people in the UK experience dental anxiety, hindering necessary care. This Is It Dental Clinic addresses this issue, offering specialized services. Individual concerns are listened to and addressed with care. Patients are only treated when they feel comfortable to proceed.

Our Approach

Relax, Smile, Thrive: Where Comfort Meets Care.

Alleviating Dental Anxiety: Innovative Approaches at This Is It

This Is It Dental Clinic employs transparency and relaxation techniques to ease patient tension. Detailed procedure explanations help manage expectations and reduce fear. Patients are supported until they feel ready to proceed with treatment. Relaxation methods like deep breathing are utilized to reduce anxiety levels.

Distraction techniques, including auditory and visual aids, help divert attention from the procedure. Noise-cancelling headphones are offered to block out anxiety-inducing sounds. The clinic prioritizes patient comfort and happiness above all else. Their approach to addressing dental anxiety sets them apart. Visit This Is It for a firsthand experience of quality care.

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gentle care program for
nervous dental patients

Nervous Patients

It is pretty common to experience anxiety or fear when it comes to visiting the dentist. According to a study, more than 50% of all people in the UK suffer from some form of dental phobia. This makes it difficult for them to receive their required dental care and hygiene treatment. However, This Is It Dental Clinic understands the needs of nervous dental patients and provides them with the care and attention they require.

We offer a range of specialized services for nervous individuals who are disinclined to visit the dentist. We provide a courteous and comfortable environment for anxious patients. Our staff is specially trained to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which can help to ease patients' anxiety. We take the time to listen to patients' concerns and answer any questions they may have. Only when reassured that the patient is ready to move forward do we proceed!

Take a look at some of the methods we employ as part of our gentle care program for nervous dental patients:

Complete Disclosure To Ease Tension

One of the most effective methods to mitigate nervousness is to provide patients with a detailed explanation of the procedure they will undergo. This helps patients to understand what to expect and can help to alleviate their fears. At This Is It, we remain with our patients until they feel well enough to move forward. We also use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, which can help patients to relax and reduce their anxiety levels.

Distraction Techniques To Channelize Stress

Another method we use at This Is It Dental Clinic is distraction techniques. We provide auditory and visual aids that help to improve cognitive processing and reduce stress. Distractions help to channel the attention away from the dental procedure being done and make the experience more comfortable. The clinic also offers noise-cancelling headphones, which can be used to block out any sounds that may cause anxiety.

At This Is It Dental Clinic, we understand and empathize with the struggles of our fellow beings. Thus, we make sure that our patients are always insulated against any external cues that may induce stress. It is the dentist's approach to addressing dental anxiety that sets them apart from the rest. The comfort and happiness of our patients remain the only priority for us! This Is It, visit us and experience first-hand what quality feels like!

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