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Photobiomodulation therapy or PBM therapy is one of the most promising avenues of medical innovation in recent times. It involves the use of low-intensity lasers that are infrared or near-infrared on the spectrum. Using this radical technology, several issues and side effects that have been commonly associated with dental procedures can be mitigated and even eliminated.

Using modern photobiomodulation devices, we are thus able to provide relief to acute pain, experienced with certain dental procedures, as well as reduce swelling and remove any inflammation that can occur naturally as part of a process. Research has shown that PBM or low-level laser therapy, as formerly called, helps to significantly reduce oxidative stress and enhances the levels of ATP in the system.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of photobiomodulation therapy?
Photobiomodulation therapy or PBM therapy is a highly effective assistive tool in dental procedures. It is primarily used in dental processes to reduce the chances of infection and reduce any inflammatory response or swelling after a surgical procedure is done. It also helps to provide relief from pain for TMJ patients and helps in the swift integration of dental implants with the natural bone matrix after they have been installed.
How does PBM therapy work?
PBM therapy works through the application of light therapy for pain relief, using low-level or low-intensity lasers that are typically infrared or near-infrared. Through the application of low-intensity lasers, recovery and healing can be fastened at the cellular level itself. Thus, PBM therapy is a groundbreaking technology that may change the medical world for good.
Does PBM light therapy work?
Absolutely, numerous studies and research have documented the significant effects and positive changes that PBM therapy has brought on in patients. Its use and utility is not limited to dental practices, and it can have far-reaching effects on the entire medical profession.
How long does photobiomodulation last?

The duration of photobiomodulation effects varies. Immediate relief can occur, but multiple sessions may be needed. Maintenance sessions could be recommended for sustained benefits. Individual responses differ.

If I get nervous around dentists or feel scared of them in general, should I go in for a composite bonding session?

Why not? There is no need to worry when you come to This Is It! We have specialized anxiety specialists in-house, so you can just relax! If we feel that you are restless or uncomfortable for any reason, we apply numerous techniques and methods to get those nerves under control. Visit us, get your dental procedure done, and you won't feel a thing, it's that simple!

Addtional Information

Benefits Of PBM

  • Alleviates dental pain, including tooth sensitivity and discomfort following dental procedures
  • Stimulates cellular activity and increases blood flow, promoting faster healing of oral tissues
  • Reduces swelling, redness, and discomfort associated with various dental conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis,etc
  • Boosts collagen production and facilitates tissue regeneration
  • Non-invasive treatment with minimal to no side effects reported, offering a safe alternative
  • Can be applied across a wide range of dental applications

Our PBM-Enabled Treatments


PBM therapy has many critical uses when treating TMJ pain. It is used to provide relief from facial pain experienced by chronic TMJ patients. It also helps to reduce inflammation due to TMJ surgery and helps to significantly reduce muscle trismus. PBM is also an efficient way to treat TMJ pain arising as a result of osteoarthritis and helps patients experience a world of relief.

Dental Implants

PBM therapy can be extremely helpful in the post-op recovery period when getting dental implants. Not only does it help to provide a significant analgesic effect, it also helps the implant to integrate into the bone faster, and improves the quality of the bone around the implant. If there is any post-surgery pain or swelling, it can be radically minimized with a single PBM therapy session.

Gum Treatment

Any periodontal procedure patient who has to go through a cut or incision greatly benefits from the pain involved. PBM therapy is an effective tool that helps to promote healthy tissue growth, prevents the death of any tissue, and reduces the chances of infections, swelling and inflammation after the surgery.

Root Canal

Even a routine root canal procedure involves the removal of enamel and dentine material from the original tooth. With PBM therapy, the pain and sensitivity experienced with a typical root canal procedure can be largely reduced. It also helps in post-op recovery by eliminating the chances of swelling or inflammatory response and promotes microcirculation, which hastens the recovery period.


Biolase Epic Soft Diode Laser

With our Biolase-facilitated PBM treatment, say farewell to invasive dental procedures. As dental professionals, whether it be pain therapy or teeth whitening, we can perform it faster, easier and more effectively than ever before. With laser treatments, we provide our patients with greater comfort, less bleeding, faster healing and better clinical results than conventional procedures. This way we reduce post-operative discomfort and ensure a smoother recovery process. If you want the most advanced treatment solutions that are failsafe, This Is It, we are your only choice!

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