Plan your dental recovery journey with us for a smooth experience!

If you are a BUPA-insured patient, This Is It! We provide prime care for our BUPA Dental patients, providing discounted rates unlike any other clinic and the best comprehensive dental treatment possible. Let us know about your BUPA insurance when you make an appointment or visit the clinic so we can provide you with all your plan benefits.

Dental Services Covered Under BUPA

If you have a dental procedure in mind and want to know if it is covered under BUPA insurance, you have nothing to worry about. We provide our BUPA benefits on all our dental procedures and services. Please take a look at the facilities we provide for our valuable BUPA clients

New Patient Examination

Routine Examination & X-Rays

Dental Hygiene

Air Polishing

Laser Assisted Hygiene

Children's Checkup

White Fillings

Dental Crowns

Root Canal



Mouth Guards/Occusal Splints

Clenching and Grinding

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Teeth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Clear Aligners

Composite Bonding

Smile Makeovers

TMJ Issues

Dental Implants

Tekscan Digital Bite Analysis

PBM Therapy

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If there is a dental procedure you would wish to undertake under your BUPA insurance, This Is It, the highest-quality dental service you can get anywhere in London!

Choose "This is It" if you have BUPA

This Is It, where patients looking for the highest standard of dental care and treatment are always satisfied. Here are some additional benefits of coming to us if you have BUPA insurance:

Customised Dental Service

Get customized dental service with your BUPA insurance at This Is It! We curate our treatment procedure according to your needs for maximum comfort.

Upto 20% Discount

While other dental clinics may provide a 10% or even zero discount on your BUPA-insured treatment, at This Is It, we offer as much as 20% discount.

Advanced Treatment Technology

Our BUPA patients can get the benefit of the latest advancements in dental treatment procedures and operational technology. You get only the best quality dental services!

Find us at 99, Harley Street if you have a concern related to your dental health. We are always welcoming and will take every step to provide you with a memorable experience. With Bupa Private Health Insurance, choose This Is It Dental Clinic, where the only thing that walks out is a happy patient!


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What’s The Best Way To Reach Us?

We are probably the easiest to reach over the Tube, being within walking distance from four major stations. Some of the prominent landmarks present within the immediate vicinity include:

The London Clinic

Princess Grace Hospital

King Edward VII Hospital

Great Portland Hospital

Cleveland Hospital

These are some of the convenient ways to reach our clinic:

  • Regent’s Park Station on the Bakerloo Line, from which we are a 5 min walk away through Marylebone Road.
  • Great Portland Street Station on the Hammersmith and Metropolitan Line, from which we are only a 10 min walk away, via Marylebone Road and Harley Street.
  • Bond Street Station on the Elizabeth and Central Line, and then a short 10 min walk through Harley Street.
  • Oxford Circus Station on the Central and Bakerloo Line, after which we are 8 min away via A4201 and Portland Pl.

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